Behind Be Black

Be Black

Behind Be Black

Be Black Denim is all about self expression!

We live in a world that even the color of your skin is sometimes not enough of an expression. Be Black was created with the purpose of being able to wear clothing that can signify what it is to Be Black day to day. We will not be diminished or even forgetten. We will always Be Black! 

Welcome to Be Black!

My name is Emerald Guidry, M.P.A and I currently reside in Louisiana. Being born and raised in the south, race and ethnicity are topics that are discussed regularly. The constant discussions and present day events are what molded me into a self aware black woman. I find pride in simply being black. 

I have created this clothing line to help other people express their self love of simply being black.  

I hope you enjoy the Be Black clothing and accessories as you go into the world everyday.

Thank you! 

Emerald Guidry